The right pallet,
for the right product


Are you certain that you are working with the appropriate pallet?

Our 29 years of experience allows us to use the most fitting logistical solutions in order so that the storage and transportation of the pallets can take place as effectively as possible for you too.

Pallet and logistics optimisation

Are you certain that you are using the pallet with the best cost-value ratio?

Are you certain that the goods will be delivered undamaged on that pallet?

Has anyone ever helped you choose the most appropriate pallets to work with?

How much can you save financially at this point?


Where logistics begins...

Solutions in logistics

Companies in whose life logistics have an important part may want to know whether the assets they use in this area are the most appropriate in all regards.
As our company has many years of experience in this field, we offer the following services:

Our engineer visits your company and conducts a comprehensive inspection, identifying the relevant points affecting this area.

Then, our logistics team assesses the data collected during the inspection.

They prepare an offer sheet describing the points that are missing or lacking and need to be improved in order to create optimal conditions.

The offer will also present the options through which your Company’s activities involving pallets could be made as cost-efficient as possible.

If requested, our specialised team will examine and optimise not only the points related to pallets but the entire logistical operation of the company.


After the appropriate change plan has been accepted, we can provide significant help in achieving the objectives and improvement processes set.

Just as for every other product and service it offers, Rozifa Kft provides 100% guarantee in this field too.

If you are interested in our service, please contact our colleagues via the contacts shown!