Heat treating ten thousand pallets simultaneously

Although many confuse the two concepts, its important to note, there is a significant difference between the processes of heat treatment and drying.


Our company was among the first in Hungary to obtain (and still maintains) the equipment and licenses necessary for the heat treatment of pallets and timber.

We perform the heat treatment of pallets in accordance with the FAO IPPC/ ISPM 15 standard, which essentially means that we heat the inside of the wood to 56°C and keep it there for at least 30 minutes in order to clear it of viruses, fungi and insects.

We are proud to have commissioned

our new, fourth drying chamber.


Why is drying necessary?

Fungus removal

The technique used during drying allows us to fully clear the pallet of fungi.

Removal of moisture

We prevent the deterioration of the products stored in the pallet due to a potential wetting.

Structural reinforcement

The quality of pallets that undergo the drying process improves significantly, as they become much stronger structurally.

Drying chambers

In order to ensure that we comply with all the required standards, our pallets are heat-treated.
This is done in our drying chambers, where we dry the pallets, load boards and products for a specific time and at a specific temperature.

As our order and delivery volumes are continuously increasing, in 2017, we commissioned our fourth drying chamber, and now we have the capacity to dry as many as 15,000 pallets per week.

Of course, we provide heat treatment not only for pallets and load boards, but also any wood industry product that requires it.