We could say that we are the biggest...

Because we are.


30 years of experience

Rozifa Ltd. has been a privately-owned company since 1990, and is mainly engaged in the manufacture, recycling and trading of pallets, load boards and EUR pallets. We were among the first companies in Hungary in the trade of the heat treatment and drying of pallets and wooden materials.

Our facility

At present, we are conducting our manufacturing activity in a 14,000 m2 facility, in four heatable plant halls, using state-of-the-art pallet stapling lines, in Piliscsaba, a mere 15 km from Budapest, near road 10.

Our company was founded in 1990.

We have proven ourselves since then...

More than 1 million pallets

In 2019 our pallet manufacturing capacity exceeded 1 million pieces, 70% of which underwent heat treatment and was furnished with an internationally approved certificate in the English and Hungarian language.

We also have four pallet drying chambers with capacity sufficient for drying 15,000 pallets per week.

Our inventory of base materials – logs and pallet components – is sufficient for our 3-month pallet production plan.

10 pallets per minute

Most of the production process of the pallets and load boards takes place on automatic production lines, which make it possible to manufacture 10 pallets per minute.

With our production lines, we can manufacture pallets/load boards of any size, adjusting to the needs of our customers.

Our pallet production line – which is peerless in Europe – was started up in 2017.
As our employees’ work is assisted with modern robot technology, we have the capacity to produce
3,000 pallets per day.

This is how we manufacture pallets.

We made a video of the operation of the production line to showcase this special process. Click the image on the right to watch the video.

Quality assurance

The quality of our products is guaranteed by the ISO 9001 quality control system. We always pay a great deal of attention to the quality of our services. The feedback, opinions and suggestions of our Partners are very important for us in order to be able to ensure continuous improvement and development.

For the natural environment

We make recycled pallets from wooden packaging waste. The parameters of these recycled pallets are identical to those of new pallets, but they are cheaper.
We have the license necessary for collecting and utilising waste.
(waste management license no.: 29482-2/2004)