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33 years of experience

Rozifa Ltd. has been a leading player in the Hungarian pallet manufacturing market for 33 years.  Founded in 1990, Rozifa Kft. is a 100 % Hungarian-owned company with a stable financial background, producing, recycling and trading pallets, pallet boards, EUR pallets. Our company is now one of the largest players in the domestic market and has become a market leader in the field of pallet production. We are a pioneer in many areas, as we were among the first in Hungary to start heat treatment and drying of pallets and wood materials. We were also among the first to use robot technology in our production processes. We owe our success and our market position to the unique quality, prompt, continuous and flexible service to our customers. We believe in continuous improvement and innovation, whereby it is also important that new tools and machines are state-of-the-art and energy efficient. Our plant has upgraded with the latest robotic equipment, which further increases production capacity and allows for faster service.

Our site

Our 14.000 m2 site is located in Piliscsaba, only 15 km from Budapest. The production is carried out in four modern, heated production halls, equipped with the most modern palletizing lines. We also have 4 modern and state-of-the-art drying chambers, which allow us to dry 30,000 pallets per week. The dried, heat-treated pallets are stored in covered halls, protecting them from the weather. All this allows us to guarantee our partners high quality products.

More than 1 million pallets

It was a real turning point in our company's life when our pallet production capacity exceeded 1 million pieces in 2019. Almost 70% of the pallets we produced were heat treated and certified in Hungarian/English with internationally approved certificates. Our raw material stock now reaches the raw material management required for our 3-month pallet production plan. This stock consists mainly of logs and pallet elements. Our pallet stock reaches 100,000 pieces and a permanent stock of 30,000 pieces of dried, heat treated pallets is also part of our stock.  With a high stock of raw materials and finished products, outstanding quality and flexible customer service up to 24 hours, we have achieved smooth delivery.

10 pallets per minute

A large part of the production of pallets and pallet collars is done on conveyor belt lines. These lines allow the production of up to 10 pallets per minute. Thanks to our modern and state-of-the-art production lines, we are able to produce customized pallets according to our customers' needs. In 2017, we installed a unique pallet production line in Europe, which allows our staff to work with state-of-the-art robot technology. With our increased capacity, we are able to produce up to 5,000 pallets per day.

Our quality assurance

The quality of our products is guaranteed by an internal quality management system. We place great emphasis on the quality of our services. Feedback, opinions and suggestions from our partners are essential for continuous improvement and development.

For a green environment

We care about our environment! In the spirit of Green Environment, we buy up wood packaging waste and use it to produce recycled pallets, which are cheaper than new pallets. We have the necessary permits from the authorities to collect and recycle the waste. (Waste management permit number: 29482-2/2004)